Even though many things are done digitally today, some things can’t change that quickly yet. For instance, the use of name card. A lot of business professionals in Singapore still request for the service or name card printing, making this one of the most popularly requested services in printing shops around the country base on Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing expert..

Many professionals realize how important a name card is in helping them create a pleasant business relationship with the important and relevant people that may help them grow their businesses by creating a great first impression and managing a good image throughout the years. A name card can really help people in creating a good image in the first impression.

That’s why the designing process of a name card is very important as well as the printing. Here are some tips regarding name card printing and designing that you should take note of.

1. Account for Bleed Area

Surely you want a uniform looking stack of name cards. Then you should definitely consider the bleed area so that the process of trimming will be a lot smoother and that there won’t be any important element in the design of the name card gets trimmed or cut off.

2. Stay Away From the Edges

All elements of the design of your name card should be kept away from the edges of the name card design to avoid any of them getting trimmed especially if you are not going to account for the bleed area. It is best to keep everything clean within 5 mm from the edge of the name card design. That means using a border in the design of your name card is also not preferable because it can get quite tricky to get right especially for mass printing.

3. Use Vector Based Software

For designing a name card, it is best to use vector based program or software instead of bitmap because with vector, you can get a higher quality results. Vector based programs use vector objects instead of pixels that ensure sharp image and graphic printing.

4. Printing Plates

Do not use more than three plates for name card printing. Using more than three printing plates makes the name card look muddy and it will be difficult to line the plates up. Because of this, your name card will look blurred instead of looking sharp and crisp with vibrant colors. Using too many printing plates will also make the paper too wet and it increases the chance of ink transfer or set off.

5. Finishes

After the main printing process of your name card is complete, you can choose to add certain finishes to make your name card look even more attractive. Certain types of finishes can even make your name card more durable and resistant to many factors that might result in the destruction of the name card such as moisture, tearing, crumpling, and many more. Try to ask the printing service that you use regarding the available finishes options that you can choose for your name card. Please visit https://www.professorprint.com to get more information.

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