A well designed company rubber stamp is a company’s calling card. It is also essential in today’s world.  

It can be used several times a day in mailing, in accounting, in sales, and in production. After the question of which model I would like to have, a robust metal stamp, an office stamp, or the classic variant, the wooden stamp, the new question now arises. 

Is there mandatory information on company stamps? 

To relieve tension right from the start, NO! There are no legal and mandatory principles/information for the design of a company stamp.  

At most, we will be able to give you a recommendation of what sort of information to include in the design.  

Here is an overview of the information that could be important to you to have it in a company chop, such as: 

  • Company name 
  • The legal form of the company 
  • Address 
  • Telephone and fax numbers 
  • if desired: the owner 
  • Telephone number and fax 
  • Email address and website 
  • Tax number and bank details  

Create the design and a recognition value  

There is also no standard for the rubber stamp design, and you can design the stamp as you wish. Every entrepreneur and company founder should be aware that the future company stamp is something of a figurehead.  

Therefore, he should stand out from others. So if you have your own company logo, this should be included. If not, that doesn’t matter. Sometimes frames and lines can create an appealing design. 

The right size and the suitable stamp model 

You have now “learned” that there is no mandatory information. So there is no such thing as the “right” stamp size. This depends on the information that you would like to have on the stamp.  

A small company stamp with only the most necessary information (company name, address, and telephone number) can have dimensions of 37×14 mm.  

In addition to the dimensions, we would also be looking at the stamp model. It is a vital decision criterion for many because one or the other stamp should withstand more than one that is only in the office. 

Would you like something more extraordinary? Then take a look at our round and oval models. These are also available in many sizes. 

The stamp color 

In addition to the design, the right ink pad color is also a well-considered matter. If you have a corporate design in a specific color, it makes sense also to reflect this in the stamp imprint.  

The classic stamp colors are blue and black, but red, green, and purple are also very popular. If you are not looking for the classics, you will find what you are looking for with the multicolor and premium stamps. Both variants have a color palette of 12 attractive stamp colors that print slightly different and more unusual colors.  

As you can see, the decision for the proper company stamp is not that easy 😉 But! The good thing is that you don’t have to adhere to any guidelines, and you can design to your liking. 

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